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City of York Budget Process 3 (Final)

The 2023/2024 City of York budget process has finished. A few weeks ago the proposed budget was presented to the public for comment. On September 7th, the city council officially voted to adopt the budget for this upcoming fiscal year (starting October 1).

Through efficient budgeting from department heads, and an influx of sales tax dollars, we were able to lower the property tax rate. During a time when our property valuations are increasing, we wanted to make sure the net amount a tax payer pays actually decreases.

A few of the projects that will be the focus of the city over the next few years (that are part of the current budget) are:

-Design/Construction of a fire station

-Design/Construction of the pedestrian walkway/bridge

-Development of our new industrial park

-Turf at East hill field

-Shade structures at the softball complex

-Developing the new city managed soccer complex

For the fiscal year, any expense that they city will incur must tie back to a budgeted line item. Even if the city receives more tax dollars than expected, they cannot be spent on projects/items outside of the approved budget. If something came up that needed to use additional funds, outside of what was already approved, the council would have to amend the budget. That is why most of the departments include a line item for grants. Our department heads are very good at trying to fund projects with other revenue sources than tax dollars. In order for those to be completed, they budget as if a grant will be received, to match the offsetting expense. If that grant isn't received, then the project isn't done.

Overall I feel like this budget was a good balance of being fiscally responsible, and providing top quality services to our community. I want to thank everyone at the city that was involved in the process. We have excellent city employees who make it possible to have a first class city.

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