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Working to Stop Human Trafficking

This last Saturday I was able to participate in a training hosted in partnership by the York Rotary Club, the York County Human Trafficking Task Force (YCHTTF), and the Coalition on Human Trafficking (CHT).

Rotary has partnered with CHT on bringing the hotel/motel training program across the district, working to stop human trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery, in our communities. Locally, the YCHTTF has joined the partnership in seeking to train 100 percent of all hotels in York County. Once the training has been completed, in the hotels, they will receive a plaque designating they have been trained on how to spot human trafficking, and how to respond. With over 75 percent of this underground industry taking place in hotels, awareness will help to prevent this issue.

It makes me sick that we live in a time where we still have to address slavery in our society. I, for one, want to be a part of the solution. I cannot sit on the sideline feigning ignorance, when even the smallest act could help someone. The more light we shine into the darkness of humanity, the greater chance we have at stopping it. It’s with those thoughts I want to thank the various groups that have partnered together, and for the individuals who showed up to become hotel trainers. If you’re a hotel manager reading this, I hope you agree to participate in this training, so your team is better prepared to help in the fight.

For everyone that is reading this, I hope you don’t turn a blind eye to someone in need. You may not think your one small act can help, but a million small acts together can change the world. Feel free to reach out to the YCHTTF if you’re interested in more information on human trafficking in our area, or how to be involved in future initiatives. Or, reach out to York Rotary if you’re interested in serving the York community in other ways. If you ever suspect something is going on, please call your local law enforcement, the National Human Trafficking Hotline (888-373-7888) or 911.

With great appreciation,

Stephen R Postier

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