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About Stephen 

I grew up as a part of the York community. I graduated from York High School and went to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for college. During college I had the opportunity to work in the Nebraska Legislature. I then worked as an intern for the State Treasurer. After I graduated from UNL, I was offered a full time job for the State Treasurer's office in Unclaimed Property. I worked to return people's money back to them (I know, a unique part of government working to give money back to people, hard to believe, but it's true). I then accepted a position at Henderson State Bank, because it gave me the opportunity to move back into this great community.  

My wife, Monica, and I have three beautiful daughters and a very handsome son. We currently attend church at Berean. I am a past president of the York Rotary Club.

In 2014 my wife and I purchased K9 Kennels, and she has worked to run a great business while also being an amazing mom. 

I care about our community. It is home and I want to do what I can to make it the best place to raise my family. 

Currently I serve as:

     - Senior Vice President & York Branch Manager of Henderson State Bank 

     - York City Councilman

     - Area District Governor Rotary District 5650 

     - The President for the Kilgore Memorial Library Foundation

     - The Treasurer for the York County Health Coalition. 

     - A Board Member for York Rotary Club

     - Assistant District Governor Rotary District 5650

     - A Board Member for York County Development Corp.

     - A Member for York Young Professionals

     - A Member of the York County Human Trafficking Task Force

     - A Member of the York Walkability Committee, where we're working to assess ways to improve our pedestrian infrastructure around the community. We recently used this information to work with the city to receive a $15M grant to address many of the needs. 

     - A Member of the Peyton Parker Lane Playground Committee, where we've been working towards planning, designing and fundraising for an all-inclusive park to be built in York. This will be a great addition to our community when it's done, and evidence of our town continuing to grow. This should be completed this spring. 

In 2020 I was selected as a recipient of the YCDC/York News-Times Impact Award.


I was also selected as a member of the Nebraska Banker's Association Leadership Class of 2022.


And in 2021, I graduated from the Graduate School of Banking in Colorado. 


There are many hobbies/activities I enjoy. An obvious one is my passion for politics. I have been interested in how government works, and how it can be used to help people, ever since I took Political Science at York High School from Greg Adams. Since then I have been involved in many aspects of politics, at different levels.


One of my main leisure activities is biking, both indoors and outdoors. I work to push myself to go farther, faster, or longer each time. Another hobby I have is cooking. My wife and I enjoy trying new recipes and cuisines. 

My biggest passion in life is working to fight human trafficking, however I can. My wife and I first found out about the issue in college through Tiny Hands International. Since then we have worked with various groups and organizations to do what we can, when we can. I've Got A Name is a non-profit working to combat the issue in Nebraska. As a Rotarian, we are working to fight the issue locally, but also around the world. I've been heavily involved with both groups. I am a member of the York County Human Trafficking Task Force. Human trafficking/slavery is the single greatest tragedy facing our society today. How can we, as human-beings, knowingly see this issue and not do everything in our power to find a cure. Whether that's around the world, in Nebraska, or even in York County. The issue is around us, and it needs to stop. 

I am currently serving on the York library's foundation board. My wife and I feel strongly that the library is a vital part of our community, and I want to help see it thrive. 

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