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Stephen Postier


Over the years I've spent my time serving those around me. Whether it's working to fight human trafficking, helping in our local community as a Rotarian, or doing what I can as a banker, to help individuals and businesses succeed with their goals, I am constantly looking for ways to do what I can to give back.

I had the opportunity to work in the Nebraska Legislature during college, and I saw first hand how our elected representatives can affect our daily lives. I have also worked on multiple political campaigns, seeing what motivates people to run. Some candidates are only in it for the glory, but I see an elected office as a calling to serve my fellow human and to give back to society. Being interested in financials, I have actually read our city's budget and audit. (Definitely a page turner!) My biggest question is what are our elected officials doing to grow York and to make it a place people want to raise their family? I want to improve our city's financials, promote a better business environment, and to grow York.

Some key areas/projects I'd love to see move forward:

- Better pedestrian accessibility & safety for our kids and all community members

- Continued improvement in the city's website, transparency, and access to resources for the public

- Continued expansion of our economic development 

- Increased transparency in the budget/expense process

- Increased accessibility to affordable housing

- Increased access to affordable, quality daycare

 We should be proud to be from York and be willing to promote our top quality standard of living. 

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